Comprehensive Checklists for MG Repairs

John Twist is known for instilling CONFIDENCE, emphasizing CLEANLINESS, and demanding CONSISTENCY from MG technicians. He’s trained thousands of MG owners, mechanics, and enthusiasts on how to care for their British sports cars. John compiled his knowledge into The University Motors Technical Book, which includes these checklists.

University Motors’ popular Complete Lube service takes about 5.5 hours to complete in the shop. If you’re going to do it at home, you better block off most of the weekend! You will need motor oil, engine oil filter, gear lube, spray lube, parts cleaners, rags, antifreeze, and time!

MGB Complete Lube form
UM Lube, Oil, Filter Form

Rolling Seminars 1

After you’ve finished the Complete Lube, you’re going to want your car to run a little better.

John uses these forms to tune a vehicle for peak performance. It takes him about 4 hours. Please plan accordingly.

Complete Tune T-Series
Complete Tune MGA
Complete Tune MGB SU Carbs
Complete Tune MGB Strombberg Carb

Spring Maintenance and Lubrication Checklist

Here are John's practical tips for performing a thorough test drive; setting up your home workshop; what tools you'll need for MG Repairs, and the key differences between American and British car vocabulary.

UM Test Drive Checklist
UM Repair Tools Inventory
UM Consumable Shop Supplies List
UM Glossary (Including BRITSPEAK and SHOPTALK)

Want more? Contact John to schedule a training or seminar for your group. John offers both online and in-person options. Specialty classes on classic car restoration include Interior and Trim; Dash and Electrix; Underbonnet; Body and Paint; Undercarriage; Chrome and Fittings.