MGs at the Bay, NAMGBR 2017
MGs at the Bay, NAMGBR 2017

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Join an MG club, register, or owners group in your area to meet fellow enthusiasts and learn about MG ownership, repairs, restoration, touring, rallying, and racing.


MG Drivers Club (North America)

for all MG Series (built 1925–1998)

MG Octagon Car Club (UK, International)

For MG models built 1923-1956

New England MG "T" Register (North America)

For MG T Series and Earlier (built 1925–1955)

MG ‘T’ Society (UK)

MG T-Series cars built 1936-1955

MG Car Club (UK)

 For all MG cars and their owners

British Sports Car Hall of Fame

Award for impact on the British sports car industry

MGB Register (North America)

For MGB Series - Midgets - 1100/1300 Sedans (built 1962–1980)

MG V8 Register (UK)

For MGB V8 models built 1973-1976

MG Owners Club (UK)

The world's largest single marque car club

MGA Register (North America)

For MGA Series and Magnettes (built 1955–1962)

American MGB Association

North America's largest club for all MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets

MMM Register (North America)

For Midget, Magna, and Magnette (built 1929–1935)

MGCC Young Members Branch (UK)

For MG Enthusiasts 16-24 years old

MG Vintage Racers

 The oldest, single marque vintage race support group in North America

Abingdon Works Centre

The "Spiritual Home of MG"

Early MG Society (UK)

For MG models built 1923–1933

Z Magnette Group (North America)

for Magnette Series Saloons (built 1953-1968)

MGF & TF Register (UK)

For  MGF and MGTF roadsters (built 1995–2011)


Parts, Services & Suppliers

Resources for MG & British car maintenance, repair, and restoration