Spring Maintenance & Lubrication Checklist

Ready to wake up your MG after cold weather hibernation? If you followed the Winter Storage Instructions, you should be in good shape. Here is John Twist’s Spring checklist to get ready to enjoy the warmer weather in your MG.

* Change Engine Oil and Filter

* Lube Front Suspension

* Top off front shocks

* Check Differential Oil

* Check Gearbox Oil

* Adjust Front and Rear Brakes

* Inspect Front Brake Pads

* Check / Inflate Tires (30F / 32R)

* Check Cooling Hoses and Clamps

* Check Fan Belt(s)

* Check All Underbonnet Fluids

* Check Running Lights

* Inspect Wipers and Washers

* Ensure Battery(ies) are secured

* Ensure Battery Clamps clean & tight

* Inspect for insect or rodent damage

* Test Drive